Texas Marans
The Chicken That Lays The Extra Red Egg
We Love Our Marans!
Marans were imported from the
town of Marans in France
Beautiful Eggs!
My Favorite Pullet killed in a tornado in  Central Texas
Some of the darkest eggs in the United States today belong to
Bev Davis. We love her birds and her eggs. The birds are bred
to standard, and the eggs are dark. She has been working hard
to make the breed successful in the US. We have shown her
birds and won with them many times.

Hello! My name is April Howington and I am the South Central
Rep for the Marans Chicken Club, USA. I am excited to own
and be a part of the Marans breed of chicken. I live in a rural
area near Austin, Texas and have owned Marans for about 10

Together with
Bev Davis and the Marans Chicken Club USA,
we successfully brought the Black Coppers to recognition by the
American Poultry Association in 2011!  Shortly thereafter our
club was instrumental in the recognition of the Wheatens. We
are now working hard to bring the Cuckoos to recognition. We
will have our qualifying meet in Shawnee, Oklahoma in 2013!
We hope to see you there!

You can find the standard for these birds and much more
intformation at:  
My favorite Pullet, killed in a micro-burst wind storm in Central Texas.