From a 2016 cuckoo marans pullet hatched from Texas Marans eggs at Cacklefruit Farms.

As a member of the Marans Chicken Club USA, I breed and sell Marans that lay a number four or darker egg. The color of the eggs may lighten throughout the extended laying season, but they will return to its previous depth and richness after a seasonal molt and rest. Currently the black, wheaten, black and blue copper varieties are producing the darkest eggs throughout our member coops. Recent breeding efforts of Texas Marans hold exciting egg color and breakthroughs in our cuckoo, lavender, and blue flocks.


Hatching eggs are available for:

  • pick up locally;
  • at APA sanctioned shows I participate in;
  • Or eggs can be shipped within the United States throughout the year.


Please confirm current availability via email or Facebook prior to ordering eggs.






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