The incubators are running throughout the calendar year at Texas Marans. Availability of Marans chicks, LF Rhode Island Reds, Bantam Rhode Island Reds, Sussex and other breeds varies week to week and month to month. We often have a variety of freshly hatched chicks available for our customers to pick up locally and we ship throughout the nation weather permitting. I also have breeding trios and quads (roosters and hens) from time to time, along with a regular stock of fine juvenile birds for the home flock and show grow out pens.


Texas Marans is a certified Texas Pullorum-Typhoid Free Flock and a member of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). Check our Facebook pages along with this page regularly for current chick and poultry availability. We welcome inquiries from serious hobbyists and breeders wanting to get on the waiting list for our show quality stock such as our Marans and Rhode Island Reds.



Current sexed pullets available as of 10 August 2016:



Ameraucana: blue and black


Brahma: buff, golden laced, light & partridge

Buff Orpingtons

Cochins: black, blue, buff, white

Leghorns: brown and white


Marans: black, black copper, wheaten, blue

                    wheaten, and white.

Olive Eggers

Polish: white crested blues, other assorted

Rhode Island Reds

Rhode Island Whites

Russian Orloffs

Spitzhauben: gold spangled


Wyandottes: gold laced, silver laced



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