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Greetings! I am April Howington and I  have the immense pleasure of working with some of the top blood lines of Marans in the USA. I l fell in love with this beautiful breed nearly 15 years ago. The headquarters of my businesses - H & H Poultry and Texas Marans - is nestled in a rural valley of rolling blue bonnet covered hills in the Texas Hill Country between the cities of Burnett and Austin, Texas.


As the Treasurer for the Marans Chicken Club USA, I love working with our club members, mentoring new Marans fanatics, and to see more varieties of this stunning breed recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA). If you are searching for great egg laying birds for your flock or want poultry to compete in the APA, 4-H and FFA show rings, Texas Marans has the perfect options for you!

Did you know that Marans were imported from the seaport village of Marans, France?


Some of the darkest eggs in North America can be found in the nest boxes of Beverley Davis in Florida. We love her birds and adore her eggs! Bev’s Marans are bred to the APA and Marans Chicken Club USA standards, and the eggs her birds lay are dark! Beverly's vast knowledge of the breed and genetics has created a successful line of Marans. Offspring derived from her lines are producing consistent winners here in Texas and throughout the nation.


These layers of stunning dark red eggs began crossing the Atlantic with servicemen to the Americas after the Second World War. The popularity of the bird in France resulted in flocks throughout England, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia and Canada. Consumers might know the clean-legged “English type” of the Marans breed, but the American standard adheres to the original French standard calling for lightly feathered shanks and outer toes. Best known for their large, russet brown eggs, you will find the focus of Texas Marans on egg color, large table egg size, and a well-balanced medium sized bird bred to the standard will provide you with handsome, feather-legged birds that lay beautifully dark russet eggs. Your Texas Marans will be the envy of your neighbors and poultry fanciers alike.


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